Welcome to our wiki

Last modified by J Kyra on 2023/04/19 12:45

Our wiki is here to organise and centralise our collective knowledge and empower volunteers to take ownership of the day to day running of the cafe and additional training.


Most of our pages are open to (but not editable by) the general public and we currently have comments open. If you'd like to add or edit something but you aren't confident on how to do that or you are an unregistered user you can leave a comment on the page in question or Make a Suggestion by commenting on that page and hopefully someone can help.

There is more info on how to use the wiki at Pink Peacock Wiki Guide

The wiki logs changes along with usernames so please be mindful of this as you will be accountable for changes you make. This also means that changes are reversible so try not to overthink it.

If you're a member of the public enjoy looking around and feel free to comment. Please be respectful of our space. Visitor comments and suggestions on pages other than Make a Suggestion will likely get deleted regularly as this is a working space intended for internal use.

There is a Guest Book if you'd like to leave a comment that doesn't impact the functionality of our space, these are unlikely to be responded to (we have plenty social media to keep track of) but will be moderated to maintain a positive environment.